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cheap coach outlet temperament and Bauhinia jewelry into a bright contrast Zhang. Bvlgari spokesperson Ms. Shu Qi Bvlgari senior jewelry image ambassador Miss Liu Jialing BVLGARI Bvlgari Serpenti Incantati platinum diamond hollow tourbillon watch as a rare art of Pierre, Bvlgari senior jewelry spread through the world. S source of fine jewelry series, inspired by the blue of the Mediterranean, the pink sunset of the sunset and the classical era of bright golden light - from the color, light and the birthplace of the source of the three to give the CLS eye- Inspired by the joy, expressiveness and charisma of life in Italy, the gorgeous, refined, and warmth of the inspiration comes from the Italian high-end jewelery exhibition, Bauhinia, The process of color and refreshing, to express the infinite The Mediterranean Garden of Eden series from the natural draw vitality, exquisite jewelry watch design conveys the power of nature, dynamic, colorful beauty, the perfect capture of the Italian garden geometry, A petals of simple style, soft snake to bring The joy of feeling coach bags outlet

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coach outlet store jewelry art as the essence of Italian culture and the communicator, Li has always been able to continue to break through the previous track in the design to maintain a glance to Identify the unique style of its bold creation reflects the origin of the full charm of Rome, while capturing the cultural heritage of Italy flourishing nowadays, Bulgari to heritage And the pioneers of the gesture, re-interpretation of a hundred years ago, the infinite glory Of the Renaissance.The above is the issue of this issue to share with you.Dagos travel fashion watches watches related knowledge Da Ge know a little scan below the two-dimensional code into the mysterious channel Dago is waiting for you Editor 's note Shanshan Holdings Board Chairman Zheng Yonggang is a veteran of Zhejiang, started by the garment industry, and now the industry extends to lithium batteries, finance, health and other emerging areas, from traditional to fashionable, The economic winter, the transformation of enterprises at stake in life and death, how to transfer? coach purses outlet

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coach handbags outlet What is your position on the future development of the company? Zheng Yonggang: Our position is a combination of industry and financial development model. We started from the industry , And now has been stressed that industry is the foundation, in the lithium battery materials, new energy vehicles, Outlets business complex, and so continue to increase investment, this is the fundamental business. On the other hand, we also pay great attention to Financial investment business. Think of industrial capital and financial capital how to combine. Reporter: How do you transition? Zheng Yonggang: transformation is the enterprise 's own needs, just like people to age to find the object of marriage, not the parents asked To get married. Shanshan is the leader of the apparel industry in the 1990s. Later, the world famous brand came in. Our energy and genes can only solve the clothing needs of the Chinese people who have just enough food and clothing. Short-term economy, not a hero of market future.. coach factory outlet